Continuity Processing (Photo)

Continuity Processing

PIC’s full service, turn-key continuity solution supports any type of program that requires an initial customer enrollment and then, at flexible pre-determined intervals, the generation of a subsequent order. PIC’s continuity system can handle a simple continuity program or enhanced functionality such as speed-ups, variable priced-based shipments and variable shipping intervals. Our system can supply these options in a cash, credit card or installment-billing environment.

The processing and billing activity is completely software-driven and the continual intervals are customized and defined by the software. The system is order-based, meaning any type of product offered to the consumer can easily be managed, from appointment books to jewelry. PIC’s continuity processing system has been continuously updated to take advantage of the latest technology. It provides full management reporting, interfaces into any fulfillment system and interfaces to any client’s marketing system for easy analysis of the data.

What is turn-key order processing?

For each and every program type, PIC offers a one-stop shopping solution based approach. PIC’s onsite services include mail room processing, full cash and/or credit card processing (including customized invoices, cash receivables, payment processing and letter shop), full scanning capability, manual order/data entry and customized batching. It also includes a full service customer service department with the ability to handle credits, replacements, order tracking, and retention. In addition to our onsite capabilities we currently provide seamless interfaces with many warehouses for fulfillment services and several large telemarketing firms. PIC is happy to provide unique customized turn-key processing solutions for each and every client.
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