PIC Customer Service (Photo)

PIC Customer Service

PIC’s customer service department can process thousands of calls each day. Our agents are constantly trained in a wide variety of programs including: one-shot, continuity, recall product cross-sell processing, membership and customer retention programs.

All of our customer service agents possess skills to upsell, cross-sell, and provide service to sale programs.

PIC has a state-of-the-art Lucent Definity switch with the latest functionality. Also, PIC has a robust customer service application that is used by many banks and clearing centers to access and review orders that PIC has processed. PIC statistics exceed industry standards and we provide KPI’s.

We also provide:

• Personalized Customer Service Letters
• Claims and Tracing
• Customer Retention Programs
• Detailed Call Reporting
• Dedicated 800 Numbers
• White Mail Processing
• Upsell programs
• Cross sell programs
• Internet customer service
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