E-Commerce (Photo)


Though the Dot.Com world did not sustain its growth as anticipated, many clients have utilized the web to enhance their customer experience. At PIC, we are ready to interface with your web site and process all your web orders. PIC web services include cash receivable, credit card or installment-billing options, and of course, PIC always provides full customer service, comprehensive client reporting, invoicing and many other value services. Additionally, PIC supports a number of e-mail broadcast programs.

PIC has developed and hosted many businesses to consumer web-sites.

Some of the features we currently provide are:

• Full Web-site Development
• Web Hosting
• Web-site Maintenance
• Real Time Authorization
• Real Time Retrieval of Customer Data.
(i.e. Purchase history and Credit Report)
• Full Database Management

PIC ECommerce solutions range from most simple to 100% turnkey solutions.
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