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PIC Web Tools

Take advantage of our PIC Order Entry Tracking System or - as we call it - POETS. Our clients now have the ability to easily target both specific and broad-based marketing data stored in the POETS data warehouse. The manner in which this data is accessed is completely client driven.

By having client access to data through POETS, multi-dimensional cubes of data will be available for you to analyze. This data can be available in either a paper report fashion or online through our web browser. The application that PIC has developed to do this is called QUART. QUART is ODBC compatible and can be used with numerous report writing packages. Specifically, QUART is made up of three tools - the Data Analyzer, the SQL Query, and the MDX Query. These tools allow the user to access ANY information on virtually ANY field in the POETS data warehouse.

Besides being easy to use, access to this data provides you with a distinct advantage over your competition. While your competitors are waiting for their weekly downloads or cumbersome out-dated reports you can be assessing your customers purchasing power, conducting in-depth analysis for campaign evaluation, identifying which products are selling best in which channels and profiling existing customers and their history.

Take a look at your programming and reporting expenses with your current order processor. Envision how much of those dollars could have been saved if you had possessed the ability to access the data yourself.

PIC Web Tools
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